Customised Kids Award

Show them just how well they’re doing with the thrill of an award certificate through the post. You decide on the certificate title and then customise it further with a supporting message about why they deserve the award.



Get your kids excited with this customisable award that will encourage them to do more and be better.

Each award includes an A5 certificate and a cover letter inside a gold envelope which will be sure to make them feel extra proud of their actions.

Not only that but every award accepted online will also receive an equivalent electronic version that they can store in their account and build on in time.

Ah, the bragging rights they’ll have when they get to show it to their friends…

Recipient’s Name * 

(as you would like it to appear on the award)

Title of award * 

Choose something meaningful, eg. Amazing Mum Award or Best Mum in the World or Most Loving Mum or something else.

Award message * 

Your message (reason for award) should be at least 100 characters.

Once added to basket it cannot be edited. Consider drafting and saving your message elsewhere. Then pasting it here when you’re ready.




You’re receiving this award because you deserve it. You may not know it, but the everyday things you say and do have made a huge difference to me. My life – along with many others I’m sure – would be much more difficult without you. So, whatever you do, never change and keep this as a reminder of just how special you are.

Your compassion for our community deserves recognition. From going out of your way to deliver energy tokens after work to volunteering with Syrian refugees, you never hesitate to offer a hand to those in need. But on a personal level, you’ve always been there for me too – through thick and thin. And although you’ve always had big plans for that spare room, you end up selflessly lending it out to a friend (completely rent-free, of course). Your compassion knows no bounds. So, from me and everyone you’ve helped along the way, cheers Dan – you’re the best.