Rethinking how we engage with our kids

Parents, Teachers & Grown-Ups! 

Whether you’re raising ambitious, talented kids or working in the education sector, you’re likely already well aware of the fact that praise is one of the biggest motivators for young people. As they look to the adults around them to model their behaviour, being told they’re on the right track inspires confidence and self-belief unlike any other method applied within the classroom. It also encourages them to be proud of their achievements! 

While a simple, “well done” can go a long way, you can take this experience to the next level for children and students by sending out (virtual or physical) rewards! This provides them with a visual reminder of their success, whether they passed a test with flying colours or showed great kindness by reaching out to a classmate who was struggling. Either way, you’re reinforcing good behaviour, while also making them feel great about themselves.

Whatsmore, kids are crazy about collectibles - from Pokemon to Top Trumps. This means that they’re likely to work harder than ever to build up their virtual trophy cabinet with the awards you have to offer. This means they’ll be thrilled to hear about our future plans of turning our rewards program into a real-world game, where they can win a range of special badges, including the “Hero Award”. (And, in the age of Marvel, who doesn’t want to be given the title of Hero?). 

You can send rewards anonymously, with a detailed description explaining why you’ve chosen to give them this award. This will again work to lift their spirits, showing them that there’s always someone in the corner routing for them!

In addition to virtual rewards, you can send printed (and framed) rewards out to mark those extra-special occasions, such as Perfect Attendance rewards or special commendations.

Check out the Careers & Commercial Categories

Once you’ve begun to hand out awards to students, or your own children, it’s only natural to want to find new ways to reward them or encourage them to keep pushing forward. As a result, if they’ve already worked their way through the range of fun awards we have on offer for kids, do not hesitate to check out our Careers and Commercial Categories too! 

This will work wonders in any classroom environment, as classmates work together to meet shared and individual goals - watching their virtual shelves fill up with awards, badges, and accolades as they do so. For example, they may be awarded a virtual certificate for coming first on sports day, or for always completing their homework and classwork on time. You could even encourage them to put forward their classmates for rewards to show them the value of kindness and supporting others!

Our platform provides parents, educators, and more with an easy and affordable way to reward children and students at a time when praise is crucial to their personal and academic development. As a result, it can help them open many doors in the future, while also filling them with boundless confidence. 

Know an Aspiring Kid?

Give them a winning feeling

with one of our unique awards. Celebrate a specific achievement or simply say they're doing well. They'll thrive off knowing they could have more to build a collection better than their siblings or mates...

and there's more...

For every physical award they receive, we'll create a snazzy virtual collectable keepsake which we'll store in their dashboard when they sign in. Each of these virtual collectables will echo the sentiment expressed on their equivalent award, providing them with a memorable at-a-glance reminder of their achievements (except it won't need dusting).