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How DESERVEDit Started

Hi, Kisoran (and Kenzo) here. Thanks for stopping by.

First a little about me... I grew up as a fourth-generation, non-white, immigrant living under the Apartheid Regime. Me and those around me lacked many things but never a free mind and the ability to have a laugh. We always had a sense of togetherness and a profound appreciation for what we had. Small achievements would motivate us to seek more and in time they would compound into some substantial successes. All those experiences and values stuck, even when the world around me changed. It's this combination of appreciation, endless fun, and valuing all successes small or big that's at the core of DESERVEDit.

Did your viewpoint of the world take a dramatic turn during the pandemic? Mine certainly did - and that’s where the idea for DESERVEDit emerged.

Chapter 1

They say that not all heroes wear capes, and I discovered that throughout the pandemic as my wife kept our family on the right path with her daily SuperMum heroics. Juggling work, parenting, and other life responsibilities without the normal routine of school, fitness, or social activities wasn’t easy. But she kept us going - and, once some respite was gained when the 2020 lockdown restrictions ended, I knew that I needed to show my genuine gratitude.

However, I quickly found that the generic items available both online and on the high street lacked what I had in mind. So, with more time on my hands than usual, the Gratificates were launched.

The concept was simple, a certificate featuring a personalised measure of achievement that could be set by the sender to show the recipient how much they are valued. With a little (OK, a lot) of help from a team of freelancers, the website and my wife’s award was ready. Needless to say, she loved it!

That was meant to be the end. But after seeing how much the authentic souvenir of my gratitude had meant, I knew this was just the beginning.

(if you haven't experienced one yet, start by sending one. Check them out on our Send page).

Chapter 2

Redefining noteworthy achievements

As a child, my mum constantly reassured me that I was special and would grow up to make a difference. Fast-forward to early 2022 and being a dad myself, I realised that it’s something all parents tell their children. Still, it's a message that has stuck with me for life. What I realised is that - as corny as it sounds - we do all make a difference in our unique ways. But more than that, it's the positive reinforcements and celebrations of achievements that help us grow and thrive.

So, following the success of the fun award to my wife, I set out on a mission to help you and your loved ones celebrate various milestones in your lives with fun tokens to cherish and keep forever. 

We spent the next 18 months developing and fine-tuning DESERVEDit to be a platform for celebrating individual achievements in a meaningful way through a range of fully personalised rewards, certificates, and souvenirs. While all of the awards have a digital equivalent to store in a single app online, physical items can be awarded where appropriate, to increase the excitement and sense of pride.

The wider DESERVEDit offering officially launched in the summer of 2023 with  fun awards and digital badges available to commemorate achievements in business, education or leisure alongside the original personal gratificates.

My 9-year-old son, Kenzo, wanted to be involved so he started putting some ideas of his own together. He saw most of the work through himself with minimal input on my behalf and a few months later, we (or rather he) launched a dedicated kids section too. Now, all kids will have a cool kids-designed theme for all their achievements.

And yes, he earned a gratificate for pretty much single-handedly building the Kid's section.

Show you value them with DESERVEDit

Awards shouldn’t just be for being the best person at a certain task. They should be a way to celebrate personal growth, hard work, accomplishing life goals, and making a difference to the people around us. With DESERVEDit, parents, spouses, friends, and employers can rewrite the definition of award-worthy success to celebrate what makes an individual truly unique.

Whether it’s motivating employees, incentivising customers, encouraging children, or ensuring that a loved one does not go unappreciated, DESERVEDit is here to help. With new developments, such as interactive games, a chat app and 'share with employer' features planned as part of our long-term vision, there has never been a better time to join our growing community.

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