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About DSRVDit


We all take pride and cherish the triumphs and accomplishments in our lives. It's these occasions we, @DSRVDit, want to help you celebrate for longer.

That's why we're partnering with a wide range of organisations to reward you with collectable souvenirs (and other rewards) each time you reach a significant milestone.

That could be excelling in school, smashing targets at work, trying (or improving) at a new skill or activity, remaining a loyal fan, being a local volunteer, finally visiting that sought-after restaurant, experiencing a tourist attraction or even chalking off a bucket list item.

Personal and Kids collectables

Personal and Kids collectables can be sent directly from our site (but never to yourself)




The original, personalised gratificates - the perfect way to send an anonymous award to someone to say 'thanks' for an act of kindness, to acknowledge hard work or their support in times of trouble, for making you laugh or for making your world a better place. You craft the message and we do the rest.

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Kids love encouragement and they thrive on recognition, whether that's a gold star or a 'well-done' sticker. Make all their milestones 'gold star' moments with one of our unique awards. Use them to celebrate a specific achievement or simply to say that they're winning at life - and how much you love them for it.

Commercial and Careers collectables

Commercial and Careers collectables can only be earned through a DSRVDit Partner




Collectors - Tell us what you're good at and/or where you'd like to earn collectable rewards from. Have you been somewhere recently and thought it would have been great if they'd offered a memorable keepsake?

Partners - Choose between our range of ready-made offerings or collaborate with us on a bespoke design. Use them to build loyalty and make lasting connections with your customers, staff, partners, followers and fans.

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Collectors - You all need a pat on the back from time to time, in recognition of qualification earned, progress made, a challenge overcome, or a job well done. Get in touch to tell us what you've achieved recently that merits some recognition.

Partners - Our personalised awards are the ideal way to encourage staff & students to take the next step, broaden their skill set & continue progressing so they're equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

Earn rewards, Collect them

Earn rewards through a wide range of worthy actions. Collect them in the form of virtual souvenirs. And don't be the only one without any to Compare.


Stored Safely in your Private Dashboard

Outdo your mates or build a private collection. Whatever you do, we know you'll enjoy earning each one


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What it's meant to recipients...


What a lovely thing to send me, it brought a tear to my eye and it was beautiful, with a seal, Macy thought I’d got into Hogwart’s! I have some suspicion who it is from but just thank you for brightening my day…


I wanted to thank you so much for the most wonderful gift that has absolutely made me smile. I am so grateful that you have taken the time to do this for me and write such kind words. It means so much!


Thank you so much for my award, I was speechless when I received it from my work place. It’s so nice that a customer has gone out of their way to recognise me…


I am sure the sandwich is a clue but that still could be several people. Thank you for this very thoughtful gesture …I feel quite humbled, but feel free to reveal yourself so we can have a good catch up…

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